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Adlibris Aktiebolag is a Swedish online bookstore established in 1997. The company has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and maintains a distribution center in Morgongåva. In 2005, Adlibris was aquired by the media conglomerate Bonnier Group.

On 2018 a former employee wrote a review for Indeed, about Bonnier Group saying "stay away form failing company": miserable place, no growth, unfriendly environment. very small office and not a place to learn or grow. old fashioned mind set and not caring about employees. management is horrible and there are no checks and balances between departments. unstable job security.


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Mia says

"Their deliveries have become really bad. Do not expect to get your items on the time as promised on their website. Even if you choose to pay for delivery to get your stuff faster, you won't, because adlibris doesn't have the items, and they wait for the items to be delivered to them first. For example, I order a book two weeks before Christmas, expected to be at my place at the latest on December 21st, but now, it's December 31st, and they still have not even sent it from their store even if they have had the book in for a few days. Another book I ordered last book was promised to be shipped the next work day, obviously that has not happened either. The only reason I still order from them is they still have the best prices for online book shopping in Sweden, but as soon as that changes I will never shop from this place again. It's a pity because they used to be really good before. Hopefully, they update their web services to truthful information and hire more staff to keep their delivery promises to customers in the future. Their business must be good after all due to the pandemic. It's not like people have many options with shops and libraries out of question to visit."

Lyn Halper says

"Adlibris pirated my books and is attempting to sell them on line. What recourse does the author have to confront this outrageous situation?"

Briggs80 says

"Totally non existent joined-up thinking and customer service. Why wait two weeks for a straggling product to arrive before you send with the others that are in stock?!! I will never buy from them again."

M K K T says

"Ordered books and toys from black friday sale for Christmas presents. Now after a couple of weeks the whole order was simply cancelled with no explanation. Really frustrated, I missed all the other black friday deals as I ordered from Adlibris! On top of that bad customer service, definitely not recommended!"

Masa says

"Ordered a book that they said was gonna come December 4th, it is now December 8th and they dont even have it in stock."

Magnus says

"An unsuccessful order led to contacting customer service - where I got the blame for trying to order books for some 350 €. Never again."

Mari Jones says

"Used to like this company, but recently their service has deteriorated terribly. Waiting on my refund, no information forthcoming from the company. Orders have been taking extremely long to be processed. Very disappointing. I no longer recommend them."

Juan Penalver says

"Awful company. Don't waste your time on it. Use Amazon. Adlibris offers books online that they don't have in stock. I am having a hard time to get a refund for a book that I previously payed online but that was cancel afterwards by Adlibris for lack of existence."

Maja says

"Extensive delivery times, too expensive"

J Shah says

"Very long waiting period to source the books from vendors and very sloppy and slow processing system in their warehouse. The actual delivery of the product was quicker once it was shipped out of the warehouse with DB Schenker. There is no transparency on where the books are sourced from and where they are finally packed and shipped from. This lack of information makes it impossible to understand these long waiting periods. Zero communication from company in case of delays and they provide updates only when the customer chases them via emails. Even the revised delivery date was unrealistic. No repeat business from me and would not recommend it anyone I know."

Consumer says

"Very poor. I'll think twice before using their services or ordering books from them. Very poor customer service. They don't know anything and don't help with lost orders."

Petter says

"Klarna and Adlibris partnership don’t work! They have both terrible costumer support. At first a few, maybe I tried two other online shops partnering with Klarna online payment system that make customer unwillingly select invoice because option of cash payment with MasterCard payment don't respond on a few different online shops partnering with Klarna. Trying to buy same book in different online shops but same problem in all of them partnering with Klarna. My cash payment with MasterCard is finally working on But service could not accept the address I tried to type when ordering. Instead they found an incorrect old default address - that I was later informed about in confirmation email. Later same day I reach Adlibris online chat support and they register the correct recipient address finally. Still, next week their payment partner Klarna email confirming they still will send to the same old wrong address again. Klarnas online support claiming this is not their problem, of course after loooong online chat, first claiming them to register only what is typed in their Adlibris/Klarna system when order is registered, I guess because their system never fails. Support is very arrogant, until support realize Klarna was wrong after looong online chat. But of course I had to show them proof by sending a copy of my chat history with Adlibris for Klarna support to believe me - that I luckily have saved. Why? Because Klarna fooled me before. Later in contact with Adlibris again they will finally correct mistake to send my book to the right address. Now I hope this will be correct. I will never ever use Adlibris or Klarna again"

Ay Ay Ron says

"Adlibris sent my books to a completely different city despite my address details being spot on correct. When confronted about the issue, they proceeded to send another package to the wrong place again. Customer support is atrocious; One department wants you to call another one, and this department tells you to call the first again, and the cycle continues indefinitely. A delivery that was supposed to take less than a week ended up taking nearly 2 months and a lot of hard work as a result."

Tao Thykier Makeeff says

"Adlibris is probably the most unprofessional company I´ve ever bought from. I ordered some books on February 20 with a guarantee that they would be shipped within 2-5 days. After long communications with customer service, some of them finally shipped today, although today was the promised DELAYED delivery date. The mail carrier´s info is "Leveranstid är normalt 2-3 helgfria vardagar efter att paketet har lämnats in." So if I am lucky, I just might get the order before three weeks have passed. This is totally unacceptable!"

maxim says

"❌❌❌ My book came with pages are missing. Very poor customer support!!!"

Ted Burgess says

"One of Swedens worst companies. Never receive books on time. You contact customer service and they never have any clue what is going on with your order. Divide up packages and send to multiple locations even though you have specified the pick up point. The list just goes on. If you need books fast for school do yourself a favor and stay away. That goes for everyone else as well."

Active student says

"It is the worst online book seller that I know of. Their real shipping time is far longer than what they say on their website. Sometimes it seems like they do not have the book that you want yet but take your money anyway. How else would they explain taking two weeks to get a book ready for delivery. If it was possible to give a negative rating I will give them -5 out of 5."

Etienne Namasu says

"Wow, worst e-commerce experience I've had in a looong time! Super slow shipping, they promise to deliver in a few days but it took almost one month and there is a book missing!! From what I understood the delay happened because a single book in the order (I order 8 books in total) wasn't in stock. Instead of asking me if I wanted to get the 7 books right away and apologize for the lack of product in stock (when I purchased it said it was in stock!), they simply didn't send anything. Then after weeks they decided to send the 7 books anyway. The books didn't have any plastic film protection and some of them had small marks, torn edges, dirty cover, etc. They also deliberately moved the missing book into a new order, which by the way, haven't arrived at all and it's been almost 45 days! But on their site it says it "has arrived at the delivery point" since one week ago. I don't even know what it means, the book was supposed to be delivered at home like the other 7, or am I suppose to pick it up somewhere? If so, I couldn't still pick it up because the stupid site doesn't say where. I also didn't get any text or notification with that information. And there is a "tracking number" that is useless because there is no place where I can use it to the track the order anyway! Talk about a terrible user experience! I wonder how a business like this can survive, it's just crazy."

Olga Surovaya says

"Used to shop at Adlibris in the past all the time - it was perfect! you would get your order nearly next day after purchase. But now - it all changed and the waiting time is one month minimum! After waiting such a long time - all I got was email saying that there is unfortunately a delay and I have to wait more - no indication on much longer! The customer support has no longer a phone number you could call - only email or chat option. While chatting with agent however - did not get clear reply to my question right away+very strange attitude! no sorry no nothing! Will never purchase from them again! And do not recommend them to anyone else!"

ayad ayadali says

"Good but you need to show us the book cover and design of each book!"

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